73rd Anniversary
Over the years, we have continued to create value.
Corporate Vision
Eyes fixed on the future to achieve genuine prosperity
Looking ahead toward changes in the times, and taking pioneering action. Fujita & Co., Ltd. has acted under that philosophy, and it now offers a diverse lineup of products and services with high cultural value, such as those from Longchamp, Christian Dior, McDonald’s, Toys “R” Us Japan, and Tie Rack.
Corporate History
73 years and counting of steadfast adherence to our principles of trust.
Fujita & Co., Ltd. has provided a wide variety of products and services having high cultural value since it was founded in 1950 by Den Fujita. The company is guided by three main principles: “opposite viewpoints,” “communication with an emphasis on trust,” and an “attention to cultural traits.”
Our Business
Direct import and wholesale business / Real estate business
Beginning with the direct import and wholesale of luxury accessories from Western countries, Fujita & Co., Ltd. has gotten into the businesses of investing in real estate facilities for sports, care giving, and other operations.
Corporate Profile
In what way should we move forward to emerge from modern day trends like globalization, informatization, and an aging population and carve out the future we hope for? Fujita & Co., Ltd. utilizes its diverse expertise to take a comprehensive approach to answering this question.